The City of Caloocan is set to strictly impose the city ordinance on curfew for minors aged 17 years old and below starting July 1.

In a General Assembly of the city's Peace and Order Council held recently, Mayor Oscar Malapitan has instructed the Philippine National Police to strictly implement the city ordinances against minors roaming the streets beyond 10pm, half-naked men in public, drinking liquors in public and loud videoke singing sessions.


Based on City Ordinance No. 1613 of 2016, minors are not allowed to loiter in the streets from 10:00PM to 4:00AM. The corresponding penalties for each offense are the following:

a. FIRST OFFENSE- counselling and a fine of P1,000 or fourty-eight (48) hours of community service
b. SECOND OFFENSE- two (2) counselling sessions and a fine of P1,500 or seventy two (72) hours of community service
c. THIRD OFFENSE- a minor who will violate the measure thrice and every time after shall be turned over to the social services development department of the city, with his or her parents facing a fine of P3,000 or imprisonment of three (3) months. The enforcement procedure as prescribed by the Juvenile Justice Welfare Act of 2006 shall be utilized when taking the custody of the minors who will be caught violating the curfew hours.
d. FOURTH AND SUCCEEDING OFFENSES- conscription of juvenile delinquent and/or youthful offender to social welfare entities.

To assure the proper handling of minors and their case/s, policy implementors are limited to the Caloocan City Police Force, Caloocan City Barangay Officials, Caloocan City Mayor, Caloocan City Vice Mayor, Caloocan City Administrator, the Secretary to the Mayor, the Mayor’s Action Force, the Members of the Sangguinang Panglungsod, and the officers of the Liga ng mga Barangay.

The city ordinance on night-time ban for minors, however, provides occupational exemptions, incidental exemptions, and occassional exemptions.

According to Caloocan City Mayor Oscar Malapitan, the curfew for minors seeks to promote their well-being and safety especially in the evening when they should be staying at home and resting.

“This curfew will also prevent minors from being involved in riots, rebellion, disorder, and other unlawful acts,” added Malapitan.

The Mayor further reminded the policy implementors to always observe the due process of the law and to always guard the human rights and human dignity of the violators.

Malapitan also ordered the PNP and DPSTM to strictly implement city ordinances against drinking liquors on the streets, half-naked men in public, and loud and untimely videoke singing sessions.

(Photos below are the meeting of Caloocan's Peace and Order Council at Buena Park function hall.)