Caloocan City Mayor Oscar Malapitan congratulated the local rescue unit, police and firemen in the just re-enacted emergency situations in the city as part of the metro-wide earthquake drill.

Immediately after an imaginary 7.2 magnitude earthquake, the plaza fronting the city hall collapsed, trapping people at the basement parking underneath; a fire broke out at the city hall, and buildings nearby were damaged.


Many of those injured needed emergency treatment, trapped employees needed to be rescued and the various first response teams of the city and national egencies arrived on time and did the procedures as how they were trained for.

Traffic went to a full stop, firetrucks and ambulances’ sirens were wailing, church bells were ringing, rescuers rushed and conducted first aids to injured victims, and people calmly going out of the buildings and looking for an open space.

Spearheaded by Mayor Malapitan together with the Caloocan City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CCDRRMO), the simulation exercise was done 2 years in a row to prepare the public in case the Big One hits Metro Manila.

“While the West Valley fault does not cross Caloocan City, we are expecting the shake to be felt in our city since it’s a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. And of course, we want to be prepared once it occurs,” said Malapitan.

According to Mayor Malapitan, they want to give a realistic scenario to the public so they can be ready in the event that the looming earthquake takes place.

“We don’t want to be caught off-guard. We want everyone to, at least, have an idea where to go and what to do,” added the Mayor.

Malapitan also thanked Vice Mayor Maca Assistio, the CCDRRMO, the Philippine National Police, the Bureau of Fire Protection and the barangay rescue units and everyone who participated in the Metro Manila Shake Drill for the successful campaign. ‪#‎MMShakeDrill2016