Ten (10) drug users and pushers from Barangay 23, Caloocan City voluntarily surrendered to Mayor Oca Malapitan on Monday morning following tough efforts of the local government to curb activities involving illegal drugs in the city.

Accompanied by Barangay 23 Captain Julian Sales, the said drug users and pushers trooped to the Mayor’s Office and confessed to Mayor Malapitan that they were driven by fear of execution.

They then promised to the Mayor to stop their illegal activities. Mayor Malapitan granted those who surrendered with amnesty and assistance for rehabilitation.

After they have submitted themselves to the Mayor, Capt. Sales presented the self-proclaimed drug users and pushers to the Caloocan City Police Headquarters to be registered in the government’s database on the illegal drug activities in the country.

The police warned them that if there is any verified information that the surrenderees are continuing their illegal trades, they will be immediately arrested, jailed and charged in courts.