After 10 drug users and pushers from Barangay 23 voluntarily surrendered to Mayor Oca Malapitan on Monday morning, 20 more drug dependents, pushers and couriers from Barangay 35 also willingly submitted themselves to the Mayor today.



The successive surrenders of confessed drug users followed the strong commitment of Mayor Malapitan to crackdown on illegal drug activities in the city.

A mother drug user admitted she got scared by reports of suspected drug peddlers who were killed in police operations. “Nakakatakot na po kasi baka pati mga anak ko madamay.” she said.

These drug addicts, who were presented by Barangay 35 Chairman Rogelio Madali, will not be put behind bars. Instead, they will undergo rehabilitation and be given possible assistance.

After having them presented to Mayor Malapitan, Capt. Madali accompanied the 20 drug users, pushers and couriers to the Precinct Community Post to be registered in the government’s database on the illegal drug activities in the country. They were also asked to sign a sworn statement promising to stop their illegal activities.