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On July 1, 1971, the Secretary of Education authorized the first-year operation of the proposed Caloocan City Community College. For this, Municipal Ordinance No. 1495 appropriated the amount of P23,400.00. Its purpose was to implement the national development goal which assures the maximum participation of all people in the attainment and enjoyment of the benefits of growth and provide quality educational opportunities to its indigent but deserving constituents.

On June 22, 1972, the College was authorized to open the second year of the general education course and the one-year secretarial on a P35,100 city budget.

On June 7, 1973 the secretary of Education approved the third year operation of the College with BS Industrial Education and the BS Business Technology appropriating therefore P36,760 (Mun. Ord. Nos. 2020 and 2140).

On March 25,1975 Ordinance No. 2295 provided for the charter of the renamed Caloocan City Polytechnic College. A fire gutted the High School PTA Building in 1984 forced the College to move to the nearby elementary school before transferring to the Sangandaan site. In June 1996, Buena Park and Camarin Annexes became operational, while Tandang Sora Annex at 7th avenue started classes in November, 2002.From an enrollment of 42 in 1971, the College had 3600 in 2000.

In June 1996, it offered two(2) masteral courses in public administration and in education. To make the College more responsive to the needs of City's constituents, government employees with 60 undergraduate units were enrolled as third year students in the special Bachelor in Public Administration in 1997.

On February 9, 2004, after 33 long years, Municipal Ordinance No. 0379 converted the Caloocan City Polytechnic college into the full-fledged University of Caloocan City.


A quality higher education institution imbued with relevant knowledge, skills and values for the attainment of community driven, industry sensitive, environmentally conscious, resilient and globally competitive, Academicsally focused citizens for the service of Caloocan City.


To maintain and support an adequate system of tertiary education that will help promote the economic growth of the country, strengthen the character and well-being of its graduates as productive members of the community.

  • To attain quality instruction and high level of teaching competency among the faculty members.

  • To provide priority programs that are relevant to community development and concern for the environment.

  • To strengthen linkages between the university and industry partners and professional organization.

  • To determine the opportunities provided by the university to develop students’ full potential, skills and talents to make them competitive in the labor force in the city, in the national and global community as well.

  • To develop more immersion programs for students the will produce graduates with increased self-esteem, confidence and resiliency.

  • To intensify student involvement and Academics leadership within the university and in the local and international sphere.

  • To embark on research undertaking, curricular enhancement, community development, environmental consciousness, industry sensitivity that significantly affect the academe.


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Q. : How do I connect to the wifi services of city hall?

A. : All devices are only for employees of Caloocan City Hall and with the authorization of the department heads and/or officer-in-charge.

Q. : How can I have permission to do research works at the IT dept?

A. : Submit personally a detailed letter of request for research work, stating the nature or subject of the research, the duration of the research, your objectives and expected results.

Q. : How would I ask the IT Dept to correct the name and/or any information of my tax declaration?

A. : Please proceed to the City Assessor’s Office to request for correction of information and for verification. Taxpayers should have their land title with them, either original or photocopy for verification purposes. The Assessor’s Office will then issue an instruction form to the IT Dept. for specific implementation of the requested correction/s.

Q. : What can the IT dept provide as free services to the public?

A. : Our office is open to the public at South City Hall every Thursdays and North City Hall every Fridays on People’s Day. We provide free consultation services on any technology or IT-related subject matters. I.e. ideal PC specifications for home use, IT related assignments of students.

Q. : How do I verify at the IT Dept. my last payment for Professional Tax Receipt?

A. : Please present your old receipt for faster verification. If old receipt is unavailable, you can present your PRC ID. For married women, please present two identification cards for faster verification. One ID should be under your maiden name if payment was made before you were married.

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The Parks administration Services is tasked to undertake the development and proper maintenance of parks , playgrounds , historical landmark, center islands, street lighting facilities, tree nursery and other related projects of the city. It is also in charge of the delivery of Urban Agricultural services thru the city Agriculture office and livelihood programs as mandated under Article 25 of the 1991 local Governenment Code.


1. What vegetable seeds do you have ?

Pechay, Mustard, Upland, Kangkong , Radish, Eggplant, Tomato, Okra, Upo Patola.

2. How can we avail of said seeds?

a. When you are living in North Caloocan just visit our Agriculture office at the Cityhall and look for Mr. JUANITO R. ALBA or Ms. YVONNE G. TEJERO and submit

your request for processing.

b. When you are living at South, Caloocan visit the Parks Administration Services office and submit your request for processing .

3. Do you give orientation/ Seminar on Urban Gardening ?

Yes you may submit a letter of request addressed to HON. OSCAR G. MALAPITAN and a schedule will be arranged by the requesting party and the Parks Administration Services Office.

4. What is Poverty Reduction Programs?

This program consist of training and visit system to transfer innovation urban gardening technologies among urban poor families , school and communities. Vegetable seeds and seedlings including organic fertilizer are being distributed to recipients.

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The City Veterinary Office is tasked to carry out all the veterinary measures in keeping healthy domestic animals through responsible pet ownership and prevention of cruelty to animals. The office also regulate meat, poultry, milk and dairy products for public consumption and be in the frontline of veterinary-related activities in the prevention and control of disease outbreaks in animals.

The City Veterinary Office implement regulatory measures in keeping domestic animals and help enforce the law on wildlife conservation and protection within the City.

The Office, likewise, conduct investigation, surveillance and confiscation of illegally slaughtered and processed meat as mandated under R.A. 9226, also known as the “Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines” and enforces the labeling and against adulteration of meat and meat products.


Q1.My dog, at three (3) months old, was vaccinated with anti-rabies Vaccine. At what age should it be vaccinated again ?

A1: Your dog must be vaccinated again after one (1) year from the date of its last vaccination, and yearly thereafter.

Q2: Why should a person who was bitten by a vaccinated dog or cat is still required to see a physician? What about the dog/cat ?

A2: The person bitten by a vaccinated dog or cat must see a physician because he or she has to be evaluated as a protocol, to determine the extent of the bite, check the dog’s vaccination certificate and administer the necessary medication. On the other hand, the dog/cat must be put in a cage for a two (2)Weeks, for observation and should be given enough food and water. If it shows abnormal behavior, you can call the City Veterinary Office at 288-88-11 local 2234.

Q3: Do you conduct dog impounding ?

A3: Yes. We arrange the schedule based on the request of the different barangays and homeowners’ associations.

Also, we accept/pick-up dogs/cats which are turned-over/surrendered by owners (by schedule).

Q4: Is slaughtering of animals in the backyard allowed?

A4: No. Food animals must be slaughtered in accredited slaughterhouses and should undergo the ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection. Meat which passed the necessary inspection will be issued a Meat Inspection Certificate (MIC), so always look for the MIC when buying meat.

You can call the Office at 288-88-11 local 2234 for any illegal slaughtering observed in your area.

Q5: Is it safe to buy meat products such as tocino, longanisa, embotido, siomai, hotdogs, etc., which are processed at home and in market stalls, and which are not accredited and has no permit to operate ?

A5: No. Pursuant to R.A. 9226 (Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines) and R.A. 7394 (Consumer Act of the Philippines), meat processing must be done In an accredited meat establishment and have undergone meat inspection conducted by LGU or NMIS.


Approved products must be properly labeled because product traceability is very important in case problems arise.


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