A. Efficient monitoring of infrastructure and maintenance projects;

B. Effective supervision of infrastructure and maintenance projects;

C. Timely implementation of infrastructure and maintenance projects


Question 1. What are the requirements in applying for a building/electrical/

plumbing/signage permit?

Answer 1. Applications for the issuance of building/electrical/plumbing/signage

permit are the functions of the Office of the City Building Official which is

an independent department from the City Engineer’s Office.

Question 2. Does your department issue any permits?

Answer 2. Yes. Our department only issues excavation permit. Application of

the said permit is by filing a formal letter request indicating therein the exact

place/address where the excavation would be made.

Question 3.To whom will we address letter/reports of damaged/dilapidated

City buildings, roads, pavements, pathwalks and sidewalks and/or clogged

drainages, and what are indicated in the said letter/reports?

Answer 3.Letter/reports should be addressed to theOIC-City Engineer, Engr.

Athena G. Ativo,indicated therein are the exact location, what is the damage, and

if possible, photo of the dilapidated structure and/or clogged drainage.

Question 4. If there is an illegal structure and/or informal settlers at a City

Property, what action does your office do?

Answer 4. An inspection will be made and if it be proved that there is an

encroachment to government properties, proper notices will be issued to the

owners of the illegal structure and/or informal settlers and if they do not vacate

within the given period, their properties would be demolished.

List of Recent Activities

1. Constructionof Five (5)-Storey School Building with Forty Three (43)

Classrooms and Twelve (12) Special Laboratory Rooms for the University of

Caloocan City South;

2. Construction of Four (4)-Storey School Building with Forty (40) Classrooms

and Multi-Purpose Hall for the University of Caloocan City North;

3. Rehabilitation of Historical Site (Bonifacio Monument Circle) Monumento

Caloocan City;

4. Rehabilitation of Puericulture Center at 425 A. Mabini St., Caloocan City.

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