Community Relations Office is the primary arm of the city government in bringing the government closer to the people. Our work mainly involves dealing with people in the community in order to determine their reactions to government plans, programs, and projects. Continous monitoring and gathering of data on community problems, complaints, and concerns which are directly accepted from the people serve as our basis in the formulation of relevant actions and plans responsive to the needs of the city dwellers. Our office ensures that services are promptly, properly and actually delivered or referred to the respective departments/offices of the city government concerned for immediate solutions/actions.


1. what are the services being given by your office?

Answer: This office only assists the city government in the delivery of programs or projects for 

our city constituents. These projects include the following:

a. Gandang Malapitan (free haircut, manicure, and chair massage) and

b. Livelihood Demo provided by competent trainors of Labor ad Industrial Relations Office;

c. Medical and Dental Mission by the City Health Department; and

d. Anti-Rabies Vaccination by the City Veterinary Office.

2. How are we going to avail of the said programs of projects?

Answer: Prepare a request letter addressed to the Hon. City Mayor Oscar G. Malapitan through 

Ms. Lilibeth M. Luakian, Secretary to the Mayor. Body of the letter should include the following 


a. program or project being requested

b. purpose

c. exact venue (with street name and brgy. number)

d. preferred date

e. contact number/s of the requesting party

Then, submit a triplicate copy of the letter request to the Office of the Secretary to the Mayor 

who shall then forward said request to Community Relations Office for scheduling and to be 

coordinated with the office/department concerned.

3. How long do we have to wait before our request/s will be granted?

Answer: Soon after our Officer-in-Charge or Deputy has reviewed, evaluated and approved 

your request/s. However, you may possibly receive late response to your request due to the 


a. Incomplete information such as project or program being requested, exact venue, date, 

time, and contact number of the requesting party.

b. Conflict on schedule due to unavailability of the following:

* trainors and trainees for Gandang Malapitan 

* doctors who are sometimes on seminar/s or lack of medicines for Medical Mission

* anti-rabies vaccines for vaccination of pet animals.

c. Non-approval of request/s for at least 6 months in order to accommodate the 188 

barangays with the aforementioned free services.

4. How many beneficiaries may be catered in each services being offered?

a. Gandang Malapitan (90 - 100 constituents)

b. Livelihood Demo (25 - 30 participants)

c. Medical Mission(200 - 250 patients)

d. Anti-Rabies Vaccination (North: at least 500 pets / South: 200 - 300 pets)

5. How many services can they avail in a year?

Answer: Those requesting for free services may avail only one project for every 6 months.