Q. : How do I connect to the wifi services of city hall?

A. : All devices are only for employees of Caloocan City Hall and with the authorization of the department heads and/or officer-in-charge.

Q. : How can I have permission to do research works at the IT dept?

A. : Submit personally a detailed letter of request for research work, stating the nature or subject of the research, the duration of the research, your objectives and expected results.

Q. : How would I ask the IT Dept to correct the name and/or any information of my tax declaration?

A. : Please proceed to the City Assessor’s Office to request for correction of information and for verification. Taxpayers should have their land title with them, either original or photocopy for verification purposes. The Assessor’s Office will then issue an instruction form to the IT Dept. for specific implementation of the requested correction/s.

Q. : What can the IT dept provide as free services to the public?

A. : Our office is open to the public at South City Hall every Thursdays and North City Hall every Fridays on People’s Day. We provide free consultation services on any technology or IT-related subject matters. I.e. ideal PC specifications for home use, IT related assignments of students.

Q. : How do I verify at the IT Dept. my last payment for Professional Tax Receipt?

A. : Please present your old receipt for faster verification. If old receipt is unavailable, you can present your PRC ID. For married women, please present two identification cards for faster verification. One ID should be under your maiden name if payment was made before you were married.

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