Enhance leadership qualities of barangay officials in Caloocan as efficient, effective, service-oriented and God-fearing leaders faithfully discharging their duties and functions as mandated by the Local Government Code of 1991.


We are corps of professionals and with competent staff serving as responsible and dedicated public servant through prompt interaction, appraise and prioritize City Government’s projects and activities for the 188 barangays in Caloocan.


1.    What is the location (street, barangay hall) and the contact numbers of barangay officials?


ANSWER: The person who receives the call will check on the requested data in the masterlist, barangay profiles and directories


2.    What is the Memorandum received for and what purpose?


ANSWER: Our field workers (Area Managers) who are disseminating the memorandum in every barangay will explain if the memorandum is mere information or if there is compliance on barangay matters from local offices, NGOs and other agencies


3.    How do you handle complains of barangay officials?


ANSWER: We handle complaints through Operation Section Services


*Barangay Complaints and Inquiries Assistance

a)    Receives and records the data or nature of complaints

Note: If it is a phone call, we request that the complainant visit our office and talk to our Head

b)    Give advice or recommend based on R.A. 7160

c)    Forward the document to the Head of office for proper disposition

d)    Endorse the complaint to Sangguniang Panlungsod


4.    When securing different kinds of barangay documents, are there fees and payments needed?


ANSWER: Only in requesting for a certification, there is a fee of P20.00 per copy for local while a fee of P100.00 per copy for abroad


5.    Is Barangay Secretariat also like the Barangay Bureau in every city?



ANSWER: Here in Caloocan, instead of Barangay Bureau, it is called Barangay Secretariat because it is under the administrative jurisdiction of the Office of the City Mayor with focal thrust of providing expeditious and better services to the barangays of Caloocan.