The Parks administration Services is tasked to undertake the development and proper maintenance of parks , playgrounds , historical landmark, center islands, street lighting facilities, tree nursery and other related projects of the city. It is also in charge of the delivery of Urban Agricultural services thru the city Agriculture office and livelihood programs as mandated under Article 25 of the 1991 local Governenment Code.


1. What vegetable seeds do you have ?

Pechay, Mustard, Upland, Kangkong , Radish, Eggplant, Tomato, Okra, Upo Patola.

2. How can we avail of said seeds?

a. When you are living in North Caloocan just visit our Agriculture office at the Cityhall and look for Mr. JUANITO R. ALBA or Ms. YVONNE G. TEJERO and submit

your request for processing.

b. When you are living at South, Caloocan visit the Parks Administration Services office and submit your request for processing .

3. Do you give orientation/ Seminar on Urban Gardening ?

Yes you may submit a letter of request addressed to HON. OSCAR G. MALAPITAN and a schedule will be arranged by the requesting party and the Parks Administration Services Office.

4. What is Poverty Reduction Programs?

This program consist of training and visit system to transfer innovation urban gardening technologies among urban poor families , school and communities. Vegetable seeds and seedlings including organic fertilizer are being distributed to recipients.

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