The Public Information Office envisions the bridging of communication gap between the City Government and its constituents through dissemination of relevant information regarding the programs and projects of the Caloocan City Government towards the achievement of a productive, educated and well-informed citizenry.


1. To serve as a medium of information from local government to the people and be a venue

2. To convey the plans and aspirations of Mayor Oscar G. Malapitan and his administration to the city residents and mobilize them to work for the progress of the city.

3. To maximize the use and potential of all forms of media in order to advance the welfare and interest of the City of Caloocan and its residents.

4. To be an instrument of education, thereby contributing to the development of the city.

5. To assist Mayor Oscar G. Malapitan’s Administration in influencing, helping form attitudes, establishing values and developing a climate of change in the citizenry.


6. To harness the skills and work ethics of its staff that works harmoniously with the Local Chief Executive and other officials of the City Government.


Q1: How can we avail of the Public Information Office (PIO) services such as video and photo coverages?

A1: The PIO covers and documents events related to the functions of Caloocan as a Local Government Unit. Other events not related to the functions of government will not be covered by PIO. Make a written request for upcoming coverages and this will be evaluated by the office chief.


Q2: How can we request for copies of photo or video on official city events, programs and projects?

A2: Make a letter of request address to: Nolan B. Sison, OIC-PIO and specify purposes of such photo/ video copies. We usually provide those files in CD format as photographers are costly.


Q3: How can we avail of our publications, such as the Cc: Magazine?

A3: Just go to the PIO office at the main city hall and sign out a copy of our logbook, FREE. We only allow one copy per person, so others can avail of it too.


Q4: How can PIO help me if I have news for publication or broadcast?

A4: Just submit to the PIO office the article via email for publication, or via CD if for broadcast. This will be evaluated if the news is relevant to local governance.


Q5: What are the other functions of PIO?


A5: Aside from being the official mouthpiece of the city government, the PIO also designs tarpaulin lay-outs, produce audio-visual presentations and print city hall employee’s IDs.

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