The office of the Secretary to the Mayor, being a part of the executive arm of the Office of the City Mayor, shares the role of promoting general welfare of the City and its constituents through efficient, effective and economical governance. It exercises the general super vision and control over all programs, projects, services, and activities of the City Government with the “Tao ang Una ! ” policy governance and enforces all laws and ordinances relative to the governance of the City. It serves as the people’s venue in directing their correspondences and communications for the City Government of Caloocan and our City Mayor, Oscar G. Malapitan.




Q: Where and how can we make request/s for recommendation, solicitation, etc.?


A: its “RECEIVING” area. It is advised that all requirements* be prepared upon/before submission to ensure that all documents may be properly received and/or forwarded to the appropriate office or department. After submission, a receiving copy or letter acknowledging receipt of letter of request or other pertinent documents will be given to the person making the request.


Q: How do we follow-up or monitor the progress of our requests?


A: OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY TO THE MAYOR AT THE CITY TRUNK LINE 288-8811 LOC. 2238 OR 3365604. You will be asked to provide the CONTROL NUMBER of the letter or concern you are following-up. This can be seen at the “RECEIVED” stamp.


Q: For how long do we have to wait before we get a feedback on our request?


A: requests per working day. You may refer to the following table which provides the usual time-frame for services. Note that these time-frame may increase or decrease depending on the availability of the signatory per department:


1. Authority to Travel (for Local Government Employees


2. Anti-Rabies Vaccination 1 working day


3. Medical Assistance (Solicitation) 2-3 working days


4. Financial Assistance (Solicitation) 2-3 working days


5. Endorsement Letter/Referral letter to PCSO and/or Vice


6. Recommendation letter for employment 1-3 working days


7. Certification (i.e. Barangay Leave Credits, Incumbency,


8. Printed message or Speech from the Hon. City Mayor 5-6 working days


9. Request for Scheduled Meeting or attendance of the


All letters of request may be submitted to the Office of the Secretary to the Mayor in Requests and other correspondences or concerns may be monitored by CALLING THE Processing of the request/s depend of the nature of request and on the volume of

Services/Concern/Request Time frame and Officials)


1-2 working days


1 working day


President Jejomar Binary for Medical/Burial Assistance




1-3 working days


7 working days


City Mayor


Q: Will our request/s be granted?


A: Your requests MAY OR NOT be granted depending on circumstances, funds, and laws that have to be considered in addressing your request and concerns. Each will have to be thoroughly studied by corresponding officers and departments to ensure that proper action may be taken and that each action are within the purview of existing law. 

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