A cultivated culture of resiliency and preparedness among the constituents of Caloocan city who 

are molded to be well prepared, conscientious and properly equipped in dealing with man-made 

and natural disasters in line with the priorities of the country for disaster preparedness


The Caloocan City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office shall continuously enhance

and upgrade the city’s risk reduction capabilities and disaster preparedness by supporting 

activities, projects and policies geared towards developing comprehensive disaster and risk 

reduction and management programs and propagating a risk conscious and disaster resilient 



1. Does the City have a developed Disaster Risk Reduction and Management plan for 





2. Does the City conduct various capacity building activities on what areas?

? Conduct capability training in Barangay level

? Government and private establishments

? Hospitals 

? Different sectors: Home Owners Association 

Barangay Health Workers 

Barangay BDRRMC Officer 

For 4P’s Parent leaders 

For PWDs and Senior Citizen


3. Does the City had an established institutional protocol / mechanism for disaster response 


Yes, by adapting the Disaster Risk Reduction Management protocol for



4. What are the City existing procedures on Disaster communication (EWS)?

? By using Satellite image for monitoring

? Telephone, Telefax, Handheld radio and Cell phone

? Mobile responder (Ambulance and Emergency response vehicle)

? Social media (e-mail and facebook)


5.  What are the capability / training of the city disaster risk reduction responder for multi-    


? Basic life support (BLS)

? Basic Incident Management (ICS)

? Urban search and rescue technician 

? Vehicular extrication course 

? Water Swift Rescue Response Training 

? Training for information and awareness of Command and Control Center (C3) 

personnel I-smart training for new personnel 

? Training for information and awareness for C3 personnel on Risk Communication

? Training for Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) and Rapid Damage and Need 

Assessment (RDANA)

Contact Us

Contact Person: Mr. Alex P. Nadurata – OIC-CCDRRMO

E-mail address : drrmocaloocan @

Facebook account: caloocandrrmo @

Contact Number CCDRRMO 

Telefax: 310-69-72/Local no.: 2295


 Tel. no.: 310-75-36/Local no.: 2309